On February 5, we celebrated the Safety Internet Day at our school. The workshop was conducted by Jarek Świniarski and Bartłomiej Maciejewski from the     10

We are happy to announce that Dagmara Poleszak qualified for the final stage of the Curatorial Competition in Mathematics.

We are proud to announce that the following students have made it to the final level of the Ministry of Education English Contest:

The first stage of the Curatorial IT Competition was the school stage for grades 4-8, the second was the district stage, the third stage will be the provincial finals to which our student Tobiasz Kręciki got.

We are proud of our student Liliana Bartołd from 1b grade, who along with her Ice Fire team won the Polish championship in Synchronization Skating 2019. Once again, we see that hard work pays off.

The last amounts have already arrived at our School Charity Auction "Good Returns". In total, we collected 50 000 PLN!

On St. Nicolas Day, December 6th, 2018, the St. Nicolas’ Flea Market took place in order to collect money for charity. This year we have collected  4509 PLN

We are thrilled and proud to announce the official results of the Ministry of Math Contest.

We are proud to inform that Tobiasz Kręcicki has qualified to regional level of the Ministry of Education Chemistry Contest.

We are thrilled and proud to announce the official results of the Ministry of Computer Science Contest. 

We are thrilled and proud to announce the official results of the Ministry of Education English Contest: the following students are taking part in the regional level that will be held on November 30th in High School 9 in Gdynia. Congratulations!

LOGO COMPETITION to choose the VISUAL IDENTITY for the ERASMUS+ PROJECT Jeux sans frontiere (2018-2020). Free and Open to Everyone! Students, parents, teachers, community members! Take part!

Traditionally, on the occasion of the National Education holiday, the students of grade 1 are confirmed as “full members” of American Elementary School community.

LOGO COMPETITION to choose the VISUAL IDENTITY for the ERASMUS+ PROJECT “Sense Your City, Taste its Sights” (2018-2020) [2018-1-ES01-KA229-050363] Free and Open to Everyone!! Students, parents, teachers, community members! Take part!!

We are proud to announce the official results of the Ministry of Education Geography Contest: 5 contestants have made it to the next level. The following students are taking part in the regional level:

Our school was pleased to host Mr. Joss Buchanan, the principal of King William’s College on the Isle of Man. On Wednesday, October 10, Mr. Buchanan spoke with our 7th and 8th grade students about the College and about the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program the school offers.

We are pleased to announce that our school has received funding for the project "Our Patron: I.J. Paderewski” as part of the Bank of Ambitious Youth Program of the Santander Foundation. Paderewski was a piano master who helped achieve an independent Poland. Works on the implementation of tasks are already underway!

We are proud and excited to announce that we are starting a new international adventure at the American School!

The American Elementary School in Gdynia will also take part in the second project "Jeux sans Frontiere", which is co-financed by the European Union within the school education sector, strategic partnerships - cooperation of schools in Erasmus + (KA229).

From September 12 – 19, the 8th graders went to Malta to take part in a series of English-language classes at the A-Class English Academy. The students were joined by Mr. Stefan, Ms. Paulina, and me. It was an excellent trip which provided educational experiences in the classroom, cultural experience in Maltese society, and some good exercise and a lot of fun on the beaches of Malta. Mr.Stefan and Ms. Paulina provided excellent supervision, guidance, support, and comapanionship to the students and helped organize the activities when the students were not in school.

On September 11th, we held an assembly to remember those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania.

It's been a busy start of the 2018-2019 school year at the American School.

On Wednesday, June 6, the American Elementary School hosted United States Army Major William Mercucci.  Major Mercucci is part of the NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) and is stationed in Bydgoszcz. The day of his visit coincided with the 74th anniversay of D-Day, the historic day that the Allied Forces landed on the beaches at Normandy and began the liberation of Nazi-occupied northwestern Europe

We are proud to announce the top three places winners of THE BIG CHALLENGE International English Contest 2018, which was held in schools from Poland, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain and Scandinavian countries:

In April 2018, Class 5a Toruń for a day of art, culture and Polish history activities. There were 5 main learning activities for the day: a show at the Planetarium, learning about some of Toruń’s historic buildings, a guided tour of a contemporary art exhibition by “Łukasza Patelczyka Migotanie / Scintillation” (CSW Toruń), a drawing and photography project in gallery at CSW Toruń, and finally a Gingerbread-making workshop at Muzeum Piernika.

We are proud to announce the finalists of the Ministry of Education English Contest 2017/2018:

We are happy and proud to announce that at this year’s Charity Auction, we raised a total of 74,590.65 PLN.  We are also grateful for the efforts, dedication, and generosity of all of those involved. We would like to extend sincere appreciation to those moms who helped in the preparation before the event and all the work that they did during the event. 

Our main goal was to visit Frida Kahlo's art exhibition. The trip was organized for 6th and 7th graders.

Another record!
During this year St. Nicolas’ Flea Market last Friday, the American Elementary School students collected 5.816 PLN 33 GR, buying and selling their own toys, books, CDs, etc, which they had donated for charity.

We are glad and proud to inform, that Dagmara Poleszak has qualified to regional round of Ministry of Education Math Contest.

We are thrilled and proud to announce the official results of the Ministry of Education English Contest: 46 out of 60 contestants have made it to the next level. The following students are taking part in the regional level that will be held on November 30th in High School nb. 9 in Gdynia.

Many thanks to the Martin Gortat Foundation MG13 for organizing the Skills Competition for students from grades 4 – 6. This event was the first step in the selection process to determine which schools will be eligible to take part in the main competition. Over 300 schools competed. Only fifty schools have gone on to the next step (and only two from the Tri-City). We are proud that we are among those who will take part in the main competition. The motto of the competition is “Reach High,” and we are confident that our students will do just that.

The best competitor at the American School is Kamil Kuc. Kamil has a chance to represent our school at the national finals in Lodz where the top prize is a trip to the U.S.A. where he can attend an NBA game and meet Martin Gortat, one of the star players on the Washington Wizards team.
Our second place competitor is Franek Domalik from our 5th grade, and the third place competitor is Olivier Miszewski from our 4th grade.

Congratulations to all of our competitors, and especially to these three winners.

The American School celebrated Polish Independence Day on Thursday, November 9. The day ended with the presentation of a show that was performed by our 4th grade students under the direction of Kasia Pawłóczenko, Zuzia Gałkowska, Gosia Niwińska, and Basia Marcinkowska. The No-Name Choir, under the direction of Ms. Marcinkowska, was also on hand to provide the songs for the show.
The show was a spectacular success, and all of the elements were amazing: the costumes were eye-catching and authentic; the sets were detailed and attractive; the choreography was elaborate, precise, and exciting; and the acting of our young actors and singing of our singers was wonderful.
Clearly, a great deal of hard work went into making this production the success it was. Kudos to the adults and children who so generously gave of their time and talent in putting together this rousing, fun, and patriotic pageant.

This year, our teachers decided that rather than receive flowers, candy, or other gifts for Teachers’ Day, they would prefer that families donate money for someone in need.
Due to the generosity of our families, over 3,500 PLN was raised.
With this money, we purchased a laptop computer for a young boy, Nikodem, who suffers from an auto-immune disease. We became aware of this child through Fundacja Mam Marzenie.
Thank you to all of our American School teachers, families, and students for their kindness and generosity.

On October 25, the school held its First Grade Inauguration Ceremony (Pasowanie). During the ceremony, the children in Ms. Magdalena Hełminiak’s class became official members of the American School. As always, it was a beautiful event, and the young inductees were thrilled with the fact that they had reached this important academic milestone, and we were all quite proud of them.

October 31 was Halloween, and the American School celebrated in style. As always, our young people’s costumes were remarkable, and our students had the opportunity to display their imagination, creativity, and hard work. The day of tricks and treats was topped off by a Halloween Ball that was organized by our P.E. teachers.

Special thanks are extended to Mr. Stefan, Mr. Maciek, Ms. Paulina, and Ms, Danuta for making the ball a success, and also to all of the parents who helped their children with the costumes, brought in refreshments for the classes to enjoy, and for helping decorate.

In school year 2016/2017, 4A grade studeents took part in an international project regarding the Mindfulness. Our efforts and team work in the field of european cooperation have been recognized as particularly genuine and innovative. We are very pleased to announce that we have received The Quality Label for our "Open Mind & Happy Heart" project.

We would like to inform you that the Ceremony of Solemn Beginning of the School Year 2017/2018 will take place on September 4th at 10.00.

We are very happy to announce the results of ‘The Big Challenge’ International Contest in Knowledge of the Facts about the English-Speaking Countries for grades 6-5, entered into by schools from Poland, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain, and the Scandinavian countries.

‘Reading with all senses’ – was the motto of this year’s edition of the Literature Festival for Children with grades three participating. During a meeting with Michał Żołyński dressed up as a character of the ‘Czasodzieje’ book we were introduced to the characteristic features of the fantasy genre. Then, we walked to the Baltic Sea Cultural Center where, in the burgher hall, we were greeted by Andrzej Maleszka – author of the best-selling novel for children and teenagers of the Magic Tree series.

We are utterly proud and happy to share with you the results attained by our students in yet another, twelfth edition of the inter-school competition project in Gdynia under the motto: ‘Gdynia – the city which has won over my heart’. Our students won absolutely fantastic places.