Enrolment rules

1. Children applying for enrolment for preschool class are not required to have any command of English.
2. All candidates for Zero Grade take standardized tests. The purpose of these tests is to assess each candidate’s readiness for school, including his or her pre-school training in auditory, graphomotor, and mathematical skills, as well as his or her level of social development. The tests are administered by the school psychologist on the school premises.
*The school has no working relationship with any pre-school; the child’s prior enrolment in any specific pre-school is of no significance in the recruitment process.
1. Children applying for enrolment for grades 1 to 8 are required to have a command of the English language that is adequate to the curriculum of the specific grade. A student’s ability in the English language is verified using standardized tests.
2. Other factors we take into account in the enrolment process are the following: the child’s age; his/her earlier achievements; opinion issued by the previous schools; and the parents’ willingness to cooperate and work hand-in-hand with the school (qualification interview).

Below are the documents necessary to complete the recruitment process:

Phase I – The Admission Application form to be completed and sended by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phase II – The Education Agreement to be signed by the Parents/Guardians once the student has qualified.
Phase III – The entry into the Student Register.
The School authorities are well aware of the fact that the students originate from many countries where the educational systems may use grade-age criteria different from those valid in Poland. Therefore, the School reserves the right to place the student in the grade it deems most suitable for him/her.
The School reserves the right to refuse admission, should it conclude that any specific needs of the child, be it of emotional, mobility, or purely educational nature cannot be fully met. The School may also refuse to admit a student with a negative opinion from his/her previous school.
The fee for the tests is payable at the school secretarial office at the time the student is enrolled for the test.